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Cosmic Harmony

June 09, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

I shall not go quietly into that dark night
Nor shall I rage in fury
With my body earth -formed and firmly rooted
My spirit shall rise up joining the star dance,
Embraced in my Beloved’s whisper
My being blossoming in cosmic harmony
Crescendoing into the glorious
Alleluia of Yes!


May 26, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

This fractal journey,
Calling us from being to becoming
To being, to becoming, to being, to becoming
Ever and ever deeper.

While voices of judgment, cynicism and fear
Whispered, whispered, whispered.
Together we entered
With questions of identity,
And issues for clarification,
With hopes and dreams,
And visions for the future.
We were beckoned,
Deeper and still deeper

Now plunged into the murky realms of 
Holding firm with quaking hearts,
And kairos remembrance,

We find ourselves at Still-Point,
That in-between reality of space and time.
This pause, as between each breath,
Each heart beat,
Or the pulsating energy of all creation,
Holds promise.

And contemplating this Sacred Mystery
We see mirrored in
Transfiguration, our own Transformation.
And still there can be neither tents nor tabernacles.
For the Wind blows where She pleases. 
And from within our enwombed immersion,
We breathe Her light
And as from the baptismal waters of fire,
Break forth in an emergence of Alleluia

If I Cringe

April 28, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

Deepen me Lord - No matter what
But gently
For I am fragile
Stretch me—But Lord understand if I cringe
For I am willing but unsure
Oh Lord do hear 
That I am still your handmaid
Still listening
Move me.


March 31, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Resurrection- Life embracing Death

In Love’s intertwining

The whisper - come forth

Light now dancing in darkness

And chaos giving rise to hope

As breakdown beckons to breakthrough

This divine Mystery ever the still point

Of completion and evolution

Transforming while singing with Alleluia voice

Mirroring both the dawning day and the setting sun

Each leaf, each flower, the once cocooned

Earth bound and entombed

Triumphant now in their spring song of inner creation

As we too join in this wholeness of Eastering

This coming forth—Christed.

Good Friday

March 29, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Stark- empty only the emptiness
Remembering what was/is
The Agony
The dying -abandonment
Painfully remembering
Children- loss - suffering -weeping -
Where are those who care?
Death Friday
Gathering the memories
Body broken
Only those who remember weep.
Only those who remember laugh.
Brokeness- Resurrection
Stillness stark
Only why
My Father ,Why?

Heart Awake

March 24, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Awakened passion within me
As Spirit Word enfolds
Were it my heart 
I could not live with such pure passion
Such burning consuming love
I hesitate knowing 
I yearn to be so taken 
I yearn to be so giving
Whose heart is this within me?
Can it be my own?
I ask Your heart to hold Your love
But secretly I know such passion is then
Both death and life.
It wasn’t the Passion of the Cross that took You
From death to Life
But rather the Passion of Your Heart laid
Upon a Cross for all to behold

Is this the Passion of Bodied bread
Wine red blood
Poured out 
To quench my parched thirsting soul
A world soul
Embrace of lovers
A child’s cry
An old man’s lonely death
A war torn sob of a mother whose son
Is ripped from her breast to fight
A war he is unable to understand.
The laughter of children delighting in life
The kneading of bread
Work stained callused hands
A friendship
I love you
Is this Your Eucharist
Your Passion of Love?



February 25, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Stilled by the silent winter chill
Ice razored deep this waiting
Hard cold aloneness
Melting ever so slowly
Awaiting spring, awaiting life
Be born in me Christ
Forgive my bitter cold
Forgive my uncertainties
Forgive my control
Melt me then 
Take me into Your Love.

You Call Me Friend

February 11, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

You call me friend
And hold my heart
Soft gentle to your touch
You give me strength to carry on
I love you oh so much

You listen deep and know my soul
You share your brokeness made whole
You understand the love we share
The sacredness that binds

Our journey’s walk to mountains tall
By rivers edge and canyons deep[
We share the quiet running deer
Star fallen night
And you are near.

You share your song, your story too
You take the love I offer you
In rainbowed arch we hold with love
We bless the gift from God above
And consecrated deep within
I know your love
You are my friend.

When in the ‘morrow I must go
Your love I’ll carry in my soul.
I’ll lift you up in gentle prayer
And in His love I’ll find you there

In memory with Him we’ll be
In sacredness our friendship deep
You hold my love and I hold you.
Remember friend that I love you.


Desert Woman

January 28, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

I am Woman
Cedar and Sage
Rocky Altar
Nurturing Body
Body Readied
Prepared to Live
Prepared to Love
Dance this Song
This Spirit Song of Creation

It Snows Now

December 10, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Softly falls the snow



Covering once more

The earth with a vanishing freshness

It snows now

And I too feel

The healing balm


Peace, Be Still, Be Silent

November 26, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Peace, be still, be silent

And know that I am God

And know that I love You

And know that I am here.


I am here in the falling of a tear

I am here in the laughter of a child

I am here in the silence of the moment

I am here in the longing of your heart.


I am here in the falling of a star

I am here in the dawning of the day

 I am here in the friendship of a loved one

I am here in each moment that you pray


I am here in the emptiness and fullness

I am here in the darkness of the night

I am here in all pain and suffering

I am here in the abundance of joy.


The Calling

November 12, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

The calling of this heart

From unknown place

From within/without

Follow - Come - Follow.

Walk gently, ah tenderly.

Those who watch with wondering eyes

Question—Who walks here?

It is your home, this place

And I shall but walk awhile

But then who is ever home

This earth is ours only in the sharing

So walk gently, tenderly and follow





September 24, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Mostly life is full of spaces.

Oh there are moments full and graced

Moments alive and fragrantly full

And there are moments sharp

Razor-sharp with searing pain.

But mostly life is full of spaces

The ordinary days

The ordinary times

One hardly considers the spaces.

All to swiftly

We move  from moment to moment

But it is the spaces

The precious simple spaces that fill life.


Falling Inside

September 10, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Lately I feel like there is within me

This deep hole of sadness and pain

And now I am falling inside myself

While the world explodes into a million

Sun stars.

Still, I desperately cling to the hope

That somehow I will come out on

The other side of Peace and Joy.

Somewhere in a renewed world of Being

But it is so hard to smile when you are

Tumbling through aching emptiness

And it is so hard to remember gently

When your world is an exploding star.


Out of Ideas

August 27, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Out of ideas and words to speak

Out of everything —reached the peak

Nothing to say, nothing to do.

Blank and empty, nothing is new.


Out of the ordinary, out of the plain

Into the extraordinary,  only what’s main

Something so special, exquisite and pure

Something that’s lasting meant to endure.


Clown Time

August 13, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Stop  - you can see

The Clown in me is laughing, playing, free

It is Time

Now- Now- Now

All the wonder of a child’s smile


Laughter caught in this moment

Take time and see

There is a clown in me

And yes I am the clown

Don’t you know

I am the clown

But for the sake of the Serious

I put on this common face

Waiting again for the days
I am myself

The Clown

It is Clown Time


Dreaming my Tomorrows

July 23, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Long ago I learned I do not fit the mold, but that is okay.

I can color outside the lines of expectation

And create a paper airplane while others

So solemnly write their patterned lines.

Long ago I learned but somehow

I always stand up to say maybe

Maybe you will need a kite this time

Rather than a notebook.

All is well I am not abandoning my place

Only living it on a different plain .

Maybe one day I will find a whole other way

To be where flowers are more important

And life is deeper

And interconnectedness of relationships are inspirited

Windblown laughter carries me somewhere

There are no molds, no expectations

Other than  love

So I unlearn

Dreaming my tomorrows.



July 09, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Some say he was a dreamer.

Ah, but so much more.

It has been told that in the silence of his dreams,

He heard the whisper of the Divine.

And in that whisper, heart touched,

He believed.

He the soul deep listener of dreams,

Beckoned to journey-

Through all doubts

Beyond deepest pain

Forever to new horizons.

He held to the mystery unreservedly.

Embracing the unknown tomorrows.

And in his letting go, he did not walk alone.

Her fiat yes, entwined with his.

Offering all to Love.

Cradling the Divine.


Woman Dance

June 25, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

On winded wing

Carried by the gentle fire of Love

I dance my heart in praise

I am woman

Little one raised on high

I dance on the evensong with a rainbow road

becoming me through the canyons of darkness

Soft the night this dance

A blessing not of words but gathered Presence

Gently now I lift my Spirit song in body praise

And gather in this praise of this people

Dance in the darkness

Darkness is the same

As light

And I am one.



June 11, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

This man, listening in silence to whispering dreams divine

Believed and followed unreservedly

His transformative journey

Beckoned through pain, beyond doubts

Entering not only familiar landscapes and foreign lands

But the very depths of his soul

With every new horizon,

Embracing each unknown tomorrow,

And in his letting go, he did not walk alone

His Fiat yes ever entwined  with hers.

With caring heart he loved

And with contemplative heart

He would gaze upon the face of God

Cradling Mystery

An earthly father to the Son of God.

A carpenter by trade, bound to the earth,

 His hands shaping the wood

His life mirroring fatherhood, a reflection of Abba.

A man of the Torah—Love your neighbor

Daily in prayer-You shall love the Lord with all your heart

 and all your mind and with all your soul

Such a deep compassionate heart arising in those

Recognizing the Cosmic interconnection of

 the universe, one another, and the Divine.

Not a word of his recorded in Scripture

Yet given the deepest of accolades

Joseph a just man---a man of justice

Living righteously in justice revealed his courageous heart.


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