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May 26, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

This fractal journey,
Calling us from being to becoming
To being, to becoming, to being, to becoming
Ever and ever deeper.

While voices of judgment, cynicism and fear
Whispered, whispered, whispered.
Together we entered
With questions of identity,
And issues for clarification,
With hopes and dreams,
And visions for the future.
We were beckoned,
Deeper and still deeper

Now plunged into the murky realms of 
Holding firm with quaking hearts,
And kairos remembrance,

We find ourselves at Still-Point,
That in-between reality of space and time.
This pause, as between each breath,
Each heart beat,
Or the pulsating energy of all creation,
Holds promise.

And contemplating this Sacred Mystery
We see mirrored in
Transfiguration, our own Transformation.
And still there can be neither tents nor tabernacles.
For the Wind blows where She pleases. 
And from within our enwombed immersion,
We breathe Her light
And as from the baptismal waters of fire,
Break forth in an emergence of Alleluia

If I Cringe

April 28, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

Deepen me Lord - No matter what
But gently
For I am fragile
Stretch me—But Lord understand if I cringe
For I am willing but unsure
Oh Lord do hear 
That I am still your handmaid
Still listening
Move me.

Let there be

April 14, 2024
By Jean Salchert, CSA

Let there be…light in the darkness
Let there be…love in the hearts of each person
Let there be…the breath of God flowing through all of creation
Let there be…the miracles of new life and healing
Let there be…gratitude and praise for the gifts God gives
Let there be…stillness and silence in awe and wonder
Let God’s love fill our hearts and open our hearts to see 
               God’s presence in all of creation
I see the spark of God’s love moving over the earth 
               connecting all of creation continuously
God says, Let there be…  


March 31, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Resurrection- Life embracing Death

In Love’s intertwining

The whisper - come forth

Light now dancing in darkness

And chaos giving rise to hope

As breakdown beckons to breakthrough

This divine Mystery ever the still point

Of completion and evolution

Transforming while singing with Alleluia voice

Mirroring both the dawning day and the setting sun

Each leaf, each flower, the once cocooned

Earth bound and entombed

Triumphant now in their spring song of inner creation

As we too join in this wholeness of Eastering

This coming forth—Christed.

Good Friday

March 29, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Stark- empty only the emptiness
Remembering what was/is
The Agony
The dying -abandonment
Painfully remembering
Children- loss - suffering -weeping -
Where are those who care?
Death Friday
Gathering the memories
Body broken
Only those who remember weep.
Only those who remember laugh.
Brokeness- Resurrection
Stillness stark
Only why
My Father ,Why?

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