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June 11, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

This man, listening in silence to whispering dreams divine

Believed and followed unreservedly

His transformative journey

Beckoned through pain, beyond doubts

Entering not only familiar landscapes and foreign lands

But the very depths of his soul

With every new horizon,

Embracing each unknown tomorrow,

And in his letting go, he did not walk alone

His Fiat yes ever entwined  with hers.

With caring heart he loved

And with contemplative heart

He would gaze upon the face of God

Cradling Mystery

An earthly father to the Son of God.

A carpenter by trade, bound to the earth,

 His hands shaping the wood

His life mirroring fatherhood, a reflection of Abba.

A man of the Torah—Love your neighbor

Daily in prayer-You shall love the Lord with all your heart

 and all your mind and with all your soul

Such a deep compassionate heart arising in those

Recognizing the Cosmic interconnection of

 the universe, one another, and the Divine.

Not a word of his recorded in Scripture

Yet given the deepest of accolades

Joseph a just man---a man of justice

Living righteously in justice revealed his courageous heart.