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Let there be

April 14, 2024
By Jean Salchert, CSA

Let there be…light in the darkness
Let there be…love in the hearts of each person
Let there be…the breath of God flowing through all of creation
Let there be…the miracles of new life and healing
Let there be…gratitude and praise for the gifts God gives
Let there be…stillness and silence in awe and wonder
Let God’s love fill our hearts and open our hearts to see 
               God’s presence in all of creation
I see the spark of God’s love moving over the earth 
               connecting all of creation continuously
God says, Let there be…  

Light of Love

May 28, 2023
By Sister Jean Salchert, CSA

In this world of chaos

In this darkness of night

A beam of light appears

Are we aware of the light

A lone star in the darkened sky

Light that leads us

Light that gives us hope

Our hearts resonate the joy

Our hearts open to love

The world in darkness has seen a bright light

The world in chaos has stopped to reflect

Only one thing remains

To live love so that all may live


written for Christmas 2022

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