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Dreaming my Tomorrows

July 23, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Long ago I learned I do not fit the mold, but that is okay.

I can color outside the lines of expectation

And create a paper airplane while others

So solemnly write their patterned lines.

Long ago I learned but somehow

I always stand up to say maybe

Maybe you will need a kite this time

Rather than a notebook.

All is well I am not abandoning my place

Only living it on a different plain .

Maybe one day I will find a whole other way

To be where flowers are more important

And life is deeper

And interconnectedness of relationships are inspirited

Windblown laughter carries me somewhere

There are no molds, no expectations

Other than  love

So I unlearn

Dreaming my tomorrows.