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Archive for the "Sister Jovita Winkel" Category


December 13, 2020
By Sister Jovita Winkel, CSA

Fog and clarity,⠀
Hand in hand as⠀
Advent visitors, ⠀
Much like waiting⠀
Watching, preparing⠀
Probing messages⠀
From Job, Isaiah, Mary, Joseph⠀
Beyond knowing and believing⠀
In realm of Emmanuel mystery⠀
Becoming like Jesse's root⠀
In Christmas splendor⠀
Unexpected tasks⠀
Not unlike angels in Joseph's dream,⠀
Graces liting on moments⠀
As surprising as a cardinal⠀
Resting on branches,⠀
All revealing God-births.⠀
A story to be remembered and spoken⠀
Eternally as Emmanuel. ⠀

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