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The congregation sponsors Marian University.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship describes the formal and public relationship that exists between the sponsor, The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, and the congregation's institutional ministries. Sponsors have been entrusted by the Catholic Church with guiding and overseeing specific institutional organizations  They are responsible for promoting and animating faithfulness to the mission of Jesus and assuring the continued vitality and viability of the ministry.

What is CSA Sponsorship Ministry?

Sponsorship in CSA is a ministry and collaborative relationship between congregational leadership and an appointed group of lay people and sisters, who have delegated responsibility for stewardship of the mission and resources of CSA's institutional ministries.

CSA Sponsorship Ministry works in partnership with governance and executive leadership to instill the mission and sustain the healing and teaching mission of Jesus to people in need.

What other ministries does CSA sponsor?

Marian University is CSA's only remaining sponsored ministry.


The Congregation of St. Agnes Heritage video (above) provides an overview of past CSA-sponsored ministries and some of the amazing people who bring alive Jesus' mission of love, healing, and teaching.