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You Call Me Friend

February 11, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

You call me friend
And hold my heart
Soft gentle to your touch
You give me strength to carry on
I love you oh so much

You listen deep and know my soul
You share your brokeness made whole
You understand the love we share
The sacredness that binds

Our journey’s walk to mountains tall
By rivers edge and canyons deep[
We share the quiet running deer
Star fallen night
And you are near.

You share your song, your story too
You take the love I offer you
In rainbowed arch we hold with love
We bless the gift from God above
And consecrated deep within
I know your love
You are my friend.

When in the ‘morrow I must go
Your love I’ll carry in my soul.
I’ll lift you up in gentle prayer
And in His love I’ll find you there

In memory with Him we’ll be
In sacredness our friendship deep
You hold my love and I hold you.
Remember friend that I love you.