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Heart Awake

March 24, 2024
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Awakened passion within me
As Spirit Word enfolds
Were it my heart 
I could not live with such pure passion
Such burning consuming love
I hesitate knowing 
I yearn to be so taken 
I yearn to be so giving
Whose heart is this within me?
Can it be my own?
I ask Your heart to hold Your love
But secretly I know such passion is then
Both death and life.
It wasn’t the Passion of the Cross that took You
From death to Life
But rather the Passion of Your Heart laid
Upon a Cross for all to behold

Is this the Passion of Bodied bread
Wine red blood
Poured out 
To quench my parched thirsting soul
A world soul
Embrace of lovers
A child’s cry
An old man’s lonely death
A war torn sob of a mother whose son
Is ripped from her breast to fight
A war he is unable to understand.
The laughter of children delighting in life
The kneading of bread
Work stained callused hands
A friendship
I love you
Is this Your Eucharist
Your Passion of Love?