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May 26, 2024
By Lael Niblick, CSA

This fractal journey,
Calling us from being to becoming
To being, to becoming, to being, to becoming
Ever and ever deeper.

While voices of judgment, cynicism and fear
Whispered, whispered, whispered.
Together we entered
With questions of identity,
And issues for clarification,
With hopes and dreams,
And visions for the future.
We were beckoned,
Deeper and still deeper

Now plunged into the murky realms of 
Holding firm with quaking hearts,
And kairos remembrance,

We find ourselves at Still-Point,
That in-between reality of space and time.
This pause, as between each breath,
Each heart beat,
Or the pulsating energy of all creation,
Holds promise.

And contemplating this Sacred Mystery
We see mirrored in
Transfiguration, our own Transformation.
And still there can be neither tents nor tabernacles.
For the Wind blows where She pleases. 
And from within our enwombed immersion,
We breathe Her light
And as from the baptismal waters of fire,
Break forth in an emergence of Alleluia