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The word "hermit" describes a person who lives alone in a secluded area. The place they live is called a hermitage. The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes is providing the experience of hermitage for people to step away from their busy lives, and retreat into silence and aloneness.


On the grounds of the former Nazareth Heights nursing home, the Sisters of St. Agnes have built four studio-cottages situated amidst nature in a wooded area. Each hermitage is secure and is furnished for independent short-term living with a fully equipped kitchenette, full bathroom, living and sleeping areas.


The hermitages are intended for those who seek the God within and who are comfortable in the quiet and aloneness this type of retreat setting offers. They are available year- round and one hermitage is wheelchair accessible.

For reservations questions, please email or call Chelsea Koenigs
(920) 907- 2300
Monday to Friday between 8:00- 4:00 PM.