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November 08, 2020
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

I walked the trail I thought was mine.⠀
Each step I trudged, experiencing the bittersweet.⠀
A well worn path other Agnesians trod;⠀
I placed my shoe in the print of an Agnes Hazotte, Aloysius and Joseph,⠀
Find the soil firm and encouraging.⠀

At times I stumbled and fell.⠀
At times I sang with joy.⠀
One time, I wondered, “Why bother to go on?”⠀
Yes, I strove with the grace of God.⠀

There were mountains and hills,⠀
Dark valleys and pitfalls.⠀
There was that urging to go on with the Mission of Jesus.⠀
“Go out into the whole world….⠀
Go and heal teach, be for me.”⠀

At time I was “just being” … unaware.⠀
… I was proclaiming, silently⠀
… I was healing with His love and touch.⠀
Also, I was healed by the … unlearned, poor, the hurt land dying.⠀

In looking back at the mountain and hills,⠀
valleys and depths, I find myself crying out…⠀
“My God, what have I done for You?”⠀
“What has my life been for You?”⠀
“How can I make a difference?”⠀

Tears fall, watering my sterile mission.⠀
Then with sacred spittle and mud He touches my blind eyes.⠀
He picks me up and give me new life.⠀
He brushes away my tears and bruises,⠀
Giving me knowing that the journey is right.⠀
Aware that isn’t always easy.⠀

Suddenly, I have vision.⠀
The other side of the weaving is whole.⠀
I now know, God sees my trying,⠀
I believe my minute’ love has turned death into life.⠀
…Just my “being” has spoken what I could not.⠀
… My touch through Jesus has brough healing.⠀
Divine Vision has redeemed my nothingness.⠀
I trust His Vision to see the Mission “going on,” ⠀
As I go Home.⠀