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April 04, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

And on the timeless Third Day,⠀
God brought forth vegetation.⠀
God brought forth trees.⠀

Eons later in a garden, ⠀
God’s Imaged Creatures⠀
knew death through a tree.⠀
Yet, in spite of their dearth, ⠀
Life was to be Incarnated.⠀

God did not create Mercy.⠀
It was there all the time.⠀

When God created trees,⠀
did their deep down purpose⠀
flash through the Infinite Mind?⠀

Through the life of Jesse,⠀
the tree grew and leafed⠀
with generations⠀
of Kings and Paupers⠀
saints and sinners.⠀

From this tree came the Incarnate⠀
A Tree of Nazareth,⠀
nurtured, yet cut down in its prime.⠀
But with promise of New Life.⠀

God did not create Love⠀
It was there all the time.⠀

Tree- instrument of death⠀
yet, instrument of Life.⠀
Paradox of Mystery.⠀
O Holy Mystery!⠀

“We adore you, O Christ⠀
and we bless you.⠀
Because by Your Holy Cross⠀
You have redeemed the World.”⠀

At Baptism we are signed with⠀
the Sign of the Tree.⠀

On Ash Wednesday,⠀
we are signed⠀
unto dust,⠀
yet unto life.⠀

On Good Friday,⠀
the Sign on the tree ⠀
is lifted up.⠀

We embrace the wood,⠀
the branches.⠀
And on the Third Day,⠀
the once dead wood,⠀
emblazoned with Divine Blood,⠀
sprouts leaves and Blessed Fruit.⠀