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The Leaves

November 22, 2020
By Sister Patricia Hayes, CSA

The leaves dance back and forth across the lane ⠀
heedless of the stranger ⠀
whose feet would easily crush ⠀
and I wonder how they flirt so easily with danger.⠀

They dance on crisp feet to symphonies of sound ⠀
they alone can hear and rush ⠀
to catch a mighty gust bound ⠀
for secret places, with dear friends, to sing an old refrain.⠀

Attuned to the dance of wild abandon ⠀
my soul leans toward the freedom ⠀
to seek a truer home ⠀
that it intuitively knows exists in God alone.⠀

Yet when the winds of grace blow I seldom ⠀
open the doors of my will.⠀
Rather I seek other ground ⠀
praying God’s mercy and compassion will follow me still⠀