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Sacramental Springs

February 28, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Mother Nature with Winter’s snow⠀
covers our springs with a baptismal robe.⠀
Life trickles beneath the surface⠀
though frozen-covers belie⠀
the beauty of waters beneath⠀
as they quietly sigh.⠀

March moves in,⠀
small openings tell…⠀
life giving -waters⠀
have always been well,⠀
Never ending.⠀

Like, baptismal grace-⠀
ever flowing,⠀
onward going⠀
with hope at its Source.⠀

Spring soon arrives, giving birth⠀
moving seeds in crusty earth.⠀
Our springs so clear and pristine⠀
gurgling, joyfully⠀
with promise to be always.⠀

Then birds will sing⠀
high pitched notes⠀

All is life, growing, blessing.⠀
God is living⠀
as ever⠀
in our never ending springs.⠀