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Poem of Life

February 14, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Life is but a silver thread ⠀
reaching from Heaven to Earth.⠀
That thread so fragile, we see as gift ⠀
from God to us at birth.⠀

We live our lives from day to day ⠀
forgetting its tender thread.⠀
We journey year by year⠀
As on stepping stones we tread.⠀

Neigh to the end, though tough we be ⠀
daily we release,⠀
that to which we cling through war and times of peace.⠀

Life is but a silver thread ⠀
reaching to the sky.⠀
It's by that thread God pulls us up ⠀
the moment that we die.⠀