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January 23, 2022
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Snow has a beauty of its own. Whence does it come?

How does it form? Why here-now?

Scientists have all the answers.

I have my own.


Snow has God's DNA.

It reflects the All Pure and Holy One.

The white dusting is part of His creative plan.  A surprise, like Manna for the wandering man.

He shapes each flake in His Divine hand. No crystal duplicates another-

Just as we are unique from our own bother.

All is in His Godly design for our season,

He knows our winter loneliness, long and bleak with reason.

Hope exists with the pledge of Spring,
Waters our bareness, promises on the wing.

Yes, a new 'morow will hover.

Fresh life scintillates 'neath the white cover Sense the brightness of snow,

As Alleluias are formed beneath, below.