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January 10, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

I saw a grasshopper the other day – ⠀
That winged, timid, half-hopping creature⠀
who told me⠀
that the season as near end.⠀

I went to a funeral today – ⠀
a reminder that life is not forever.⠀
When my time comes, ⠀
Will I be ready to walk the last mile⠀
and seek the hand of a friend?⠀

Will sin, anxiety, loneliness and fear⠀
cause me to withhold when the hour is near?⠀
Will the boldness to walk those last steps while young⠀
turn to dust and be wordless on dry, thirsty tongue?⠀

Let the prayer⠀
of my Dismas heart be,⠀
“Lord have mercy, ⠀
have mercy on me.”⠀

Let mercy be my bridge,⠀
mercy be my pall,⠀
mercy life me over,⠀
when I hear the Master’s call.