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Mary's Song

May 23, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

As John Baptist quickened in the waiting Elizabeth,⠀
Mary broke forth in song, “God be glorified.”⠀

When Mary was jostled on donkey to Bethlehem,⠀
“Come Emanuel-God with us,” was Mary’s anthem.⠀

On showing forth her son to shepherds and kings,⠀
“Behold the Royal son of David,” she sings.⠀

In temple, Mary met Simeon and Anna⠀
She sang, “To the Lord our God, Hosanna.”⠀

When on the cross, Jesus dead and cold – ⠀
Mary mourned, “Behold, behold.”⠀

At Pentecost, when new church was to be born,⠀
Mary sang, “Breath of God breathe forth this morn.”⠀

Mary’s mantra was, “Breath of God, breathe forth and bring⠀
your grace to all, to all.” She sings…⠀

“My children, magnify the Lord –⠀
Love, forgiveness, grace outpoured.⠀
Poured out by the Spirit⠀
Now hear it, my beloved, hear it.⠀

And Magnify the Lord!”⠀