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Living the Vows in the New Motherhouse

June 14, 2020
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Attitude is very important.⠀
I need to allow God to enter in.⠀
There is the need to adapt,⠀
be accepting and willing to change at times.⠀

I live in God’s world,⠀
a world of beauty and wealth of creation.⠀
I do not pull my skirts aside, lest I be contaminated by it.⠀
No, I praise God for it.⠀
it is His gift to me.⠀
I live in a beautiful rich country.⠀
Do I disdain it?⠀
No, I praise God for all of this.⠀

I live in a household with the newest modern accommodations.⠀
How has my life change?⠀
I bless it as a gift and thank God for it.⠀
And life goes on.⠀
My question is: Do I hunger for more and demand more?⠀
Or do I use what I have with reverence?⠀
God is all I need⠀

My present life is an opportunity⠀
to learn to live together in close relationships.⠀
It is a chance to be of service,⠀
be loving, caring and concerned.⠀
Close living requires sharing, openness and affirming,⠀
along with challenging and forgiving.⠀
God is in our midst.⠀
God is all I need!⠀

God is involved in my daily life. I trust Him.⠀
he is my light, my compass.⠀
Daily happenings are my gift to God, my emptiness.⠀
God is in the midst of my work, rest and activity.⠀
Because of Him, I am who I am.⠀
God is all I need!⠀
“You are my inheritance, O Lord.”