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Journey to the Good Friday Tomb

March 28, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

I follow the small group⠀
With the shrouded Nazarene.⠀
Spices and ointment tantalize the nostrils.⠀
Darkness envelopes all, totally.⠀

I find a corner subdued and quiet.⠀
Away from busyness, wailing, and concern.⠀
Just be, in the quiet presence of the deceased.⠀

the stone is rolled across the opening.⠀
Darkness of night can’t compare to the⠀
darkness of the tomb, surrounding all.⠀
No movement except for a stray mouse or ant.⠀
No concern.⠀
I kneel at the Teachers side.⠀

the full moon allows a small beam of light⠀
to creep through the stony slab’s uneven edges.⠀
My eyes are growing accustomed to the blackness.⠀
I sit and wait- not knowing for what.⠀
There is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.⠀
There is no fear, no anxiety, or expectation.⠀
-just being.⠀
Fatigue conquers. Sleep is victorious.⠀
Time passes-⠀
Morning is inevitable.⠀

I awake refreshed and confused.⠀
Sunlight is dancing through the large opening.⠀
Shroud is discarded⠀
The Teacher gone.⠀
Where is the One who healed me of-⠀
my leprosy?⠀
Where is He who forgave my sins?⠀
Where is He who gave me new Life?⠀

Peace surrounds the tomb.⠀
An inner voice says:⠀
All is well.⠀
I am within you.⠀
See Me in others.⠀
See Me day in and day out-⠀
Be at peace, I am here.⠀