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Homing Pigeons

October 25, 2020
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

We are sent off from the place of our birth⠀
Near or far o’er all the earth.⠀
Sent unscathed, innocent,⠀
unlearned, free.⠀
Dispatched into infinity.⠀

First flight, a jaunt – ⠀
30 miles away.⠀
Far, but never meant to stay.⠀
Then home to the roost⠀
to master, awaiting,⠀
we arrive one by one⠀
to stop-watch and rating.⠀

Both great and least we all flew⠀
like prodigal birds⠀
to the master we knew.⠀
We were all checked out⠀
whether wounded or whole⠀
no matter, no matter, we reached⠀
the goal.⠀

Would that we could say ⠀
the same for the soul,⠀
when we launch out⠀
to reach the goal.⠀