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Gift Received

March 27, 2022
By Sister Cecile Marie Kees, CSA

The gift received this day, no words can describe.

Yes, you, O God, have answered my plea.

It is you who give me life,

even to the ends of the earth.

We are truly all one in reality,

yet in practice, we have miles to go—

learning to listen, to deeply hear the other.

Insights are planted when such is done-

even miracles by way of vision, sound and whatever

symbols God’s presence will occur-

if only we trust in the One who is and was and will be.

The God who holds no guilt

but only pardon and infinite love-

a love shadowed in darkness of the unknown

a love to be revealed only in eternity, where

the life span is but a spark of eternal presence,

where the Light of God’s love

can never ever completely be fathomed.


Because we are not God!