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Fire and Water

July 25, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

What paradox as water flows,⠀
What paradox as fire ignites.⠀
Water cleanses,⠀
Fire purifies.⠀
Water and fire walk hand in hand⠀
at the baptismal font.⠀
Vicarious desires open new family doors,⠀
Family of Divine⠀
Family of the human.⠀

The flame is sheltered, fed and stirred in tender years.⠀
Sacraments cleanse, wash and renew.⠀
Faith grows as mystery shrouds.⠀
The Divine energizes growth⠀
as we hope and trust.⠀

No longer a child,⠀
Yet mystery remains,⠀
water cleanses,⠀
fire purifies.⠀
I daily walk to the fond of the Life giving Spirit⠀
Cleanse water, cleanse.⠀
Burn Spirit, burn.⠀
Burn fire, burn –⠀
As an odor of sweet incense to the Divine.