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Call to Contemplation?

June 28, 2020
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Long overdue in opening –⠀
is my gift to you.⠀
It sets on shelf, wrapped, bow and seal.⠀
Have you forgotten my love gift is real?⠀

You sense the contents.⠀
Is it fear that keeps it undone,⠀
unexplored, secure and unsanctified?⠀
The gift beckons, come.⠀


Will the gift for me be cost?⠀
Will my routine life be lost?⠀
The dues may mean a change⠀
The price and control, so strange.⠀

Is commitment, faithfulness and goal a stranger to my soul?⠀
No turning back, no turn around⠀
New life that many saints have found.⠀


Have courage, step out,⠀
Search and trust.⠀
The box has a secret floor-⠀
No ending gift, there’s always more.⠀

A call to contemplation.⠀