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All Roads Lead

August 23, 2020
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

As a child I begged a stubborn parent – ⠀
“Please, may I-, I want-, I choose-,” ⠀
To no avail, I cried the day away.⠀
I was being led on a better path.⠀

As a teen I was sophisticated and wise.⠀
Knowing that permission was not there,⠀
I planned executed on my own.⠀
Only to suffer consequences on a road of my choice.⠀

As adult, I asked for God’s blessing.⠀
His ways were not mine.⠀
Recognizing Wisdom, I bowed low⠀
and saw a new road, a better path.⠀

With graying hair, I did not ask⠀
--Walked behind the Lamb of Sacrifice⠀
I knew the path, the road, the voice⠀
All His roads lead to Resurrection.⠀