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September 27, 2020
By Sister Miriam Therese Putzer, CSA

Insert the needed commas⠀
where my lines rush, headlong,⠀
toward the meaningless!⠀

From the potpourri of my experience⠀
form stanzas⠀
to give order and design.⠀

Replace those milk-weak similes⠀
with metaphors⠀
of some strong vintage.⠀

Scratch hyperboles.⠀
select, instead, the lean⠀
(and jarring) truth.⠀

Rhyme me away from bouncing jingles⠀
till a strong iambic underflow⠀
lends grace.⠀

And when a statement’s ended—⠀
just a clean and quiet close.⠀

If, like Moses’ sculptor, then,⠀
you strike the page, demanding,⠀

I’ll ask instead,⠀
that YOU, YOURSELF, might⠀
read my lines aloud!