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Reflection at Breakfast

May 24, 2024
By Barb Brown, CSA Associate

This article appears in the May Issue of Reflections and Connections

March 7 was the annual Breakfast with Women sponsored by CSA. The theme was Energizing Spirits, with Sister Sharon Pollnow leading the group in an opening prayer and Sister Rhea Emmer giving an inspirational presentation around the themes of spirituality and the phases of our spiritual journey. This was followed by a panel discussion with Sisters Sue Seeby, Patrice Rog, Jomarie Zielke, and Jean Hinderer. 

The room crackled with lively conversations as we paired up to discuss what the central question of our lives was right now and why it was important. Our conversations could be described as looking in the mirror as we shared our searches for meaning in life. 

My favorite analogies of life were the death and rebirth stories—the seasons change and so do we, and we were encouraged to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in life, trusting our unique journeys as we navigate. We each have an inner hospice worker to remind us we are not alone, and an inner midwife who says stay open and breathe. Each time we are reborn, we claim our new sense of self—not with arrogance, but with an increased capacity to love, with wisdom and the ability to discern. 

The panel shared some of their personal journeys. We heard the wisdom of the sisters saying to believe that you are loved, and to love yourself since who you are, is who you are. Growth can be like peeling an onion, and discovering the many layers can make you cry. Finding out about yourself and others requires vulnerability. Recognize the things in life that pull you from loving. Increase your capacity to love those around you. 
We were connected once again at the end of this experience with a powerful blessing as attendees repeatedly sang the healing mantra “May All I Do Today.” We sang while we received and sent out our blessings, and we were once again reminded we are one.

Watch the recording or explore the many resources—retreats, spiritual companionship, meditations, Sisters and Seekers gatherings—offered during the event!

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