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New Retreatants need to be provided new retreatant orientation on the use of the hermitage and the surrounding land.

Effective August 30, 2018, when scheduling your hermitage stay, please leave a two day window for cleaning if the previous retreatant’s stay was seven days or more.

  • • Please make sure to complete the arrival time section on your registration form. This will be your appointment time for your  orientation. This helps us notify the orienting Sister of when she can expect your arrival. We ask that you please arrive within a 15  minute window of your scheduled appointment.  For example: If you have indicated arriving at 9:30 AM; please arrive between
  • 9:15 AM and 9:30 AM.
  • • It is asked that you please arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. (Monday – Friday) when you are a new retreatant needing new retreatant orientation. When you come back for another hermitage stay, you will not need additional orientation. You can come at any time during business hours (8:00a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) or outside business hours. We have a special procedure in place for retrieving your hermitage packet if you choose to come outside business hours.

  • • If arriving on a Saturday, please call Chelsea during normal business hours ( Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.) to arrange a time with the Sister in charge of providing orientation.

  • • Sunday arrival unavailable to new retreatants.

Hermitage Registration Forms

Hermitage Brochure

Esther                                      Judith                                Miryam                                   Sarah

When  scheduling your retreat ~

• If you are interested in taking a tour of one of the hermitages prior to setting up a retreat, please call Chelsea to see when a hermitage would be available for the tour.

• We take reservations six months in advance. There is no cancellation fee if unable to keep the reservation.

• Two weeks (14 days) is maximum amount of time for retreat.

  • • Hermitages are closed December 23rd – January 2nd for Christmas holidays.

  • • Hermitage locations

  •     1)  Esther - out in the open nearest the golf course

    2)  Sarah - the most secluded and surrounded by trees

    3)  Judith - out in the open, handicap accessible that is available to all retreatants

    4)  Miryam - out in the open near Highway 23

When registering with the online calendar in view:

   1)  Please leave one day in between when previous retreatant’s stay was fewer than seven days. If their retreat was seven days or more, please allow a two day window. This will give us time to clean and prepare the hermitage for your arrival.

   2)  Please download the form and mail it after you have filled it up and made your choice of day/days by viewing the online calendar. Then email/or call Chelsea with the chosen day/dates. This will eliminate the potential of double booking while waiting for your registration form. (Forms found above.)

   3)  Each hermitage is color-coded on the calendar. The online calendar will show when a hermitage is occupied or vacant.

                            Esther: Blue                  Sarah: Red              Judith: Green                Miryam: Purple                      

See Registration Calendar to view calendar for availability and to confirm. If you have any questions while completing the registration form contact Chelsea either by phone at (920) 907-2300 or email.