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Easy printing PDF of Litany to St. Agnes 

Blessed spouse of Christ,
Protect victims of domestic violence.

Victim of Divine love,
Bring an end to hatred in all its forms.

Glorious martyr of Jesus Christ,
Strengthen those who face martyrdom.

Wonderful example of fortitude,
Stand with those tempted to return to their addictions.

Despiser of torment and death,
Give the grace of a happy death to the terminally ill.

Conqueror of the whole world,
Bring peace to the war-torn parts of the world.

Flower of innocence,
Protect children from sexual abuse.

Model of humility,
Gift the rich with generosity of heart.

Example of religious virtue,
Give us insight into our prejudices.

Protectress of the weak,
Help the voiceless claim their voice.

Advocate of the tempted,
Soften the hearts of those tempted toward violence.

Special patroness of youth,
help our children resist the lure of drugs.

Great favorite of heaven,
Answer the prayers we offer with all devotedness.

By Sister Patricia Hayes, CSA


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