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Sister Rebecca's Crusade of Comfort

Sister Rebecca's crusade of comfort

FOND DU LAC - The longest distance Sandi Eggers ever recalls traveling brought her from the parking lot to the doors of the Agnesian Cancer Center in Fond du Lac. Read more.

Ellen Swan, Peace Corp to Moldova

Redefining "RETIRED"

“Challenging, frustrating, exhilarating and exciting” were the words Ellen Swan used to describe her two- year Peace Corps experience to Moldova. Read more.

WinnPrairie Complex, new assisted livng and memory care center in Stephenson County, IL

Monroe Clinic has a strong presence in northern Illinois, primarily in Freeport.  They have three clinics in Freeport and one each in Lena and Durand.  Approximately 1/3 of Monroe Clinic’s patients are from Illinois.

About a year ago Monroe Clinic entered into a joint venture with Swift Hospitality of Freeport.  Together they planned for and built WinnPrairie, an assisted living and memory care facility.   This past Tuesday Mike Sanders and others from Monroe Clinic participated in the ribbon cutting at WinnPrairie.   Units have been rented and soon residents will begin to make their home at WinnPrairie.  Here is a link to a short video and news story on the event.   Enjoy!


Sisters Mary Rose and Christi Ann at SOA Watch Convergence - USA/Mexico Border

Sisters Mary Rose Obholz and Christi Ann Laudolff from the Sisters of St. Agnes participated in SOA Watch’s Convergence at the USA/Mexico Border on October 6-9. The program in Nogales included speakers, actions at the wall and a march to a checkpoint south of Tucson, AZ.

Make Fond du Lac a Traffic-Free Zone Moderator and Speakers

In an effort to make Fond du Lac a Traffic-free Zone, Fond du Lac’s Fair Trade Towns USA Committee sponsored a powerful educational event at Moraine Park Technical College on Saturday, October 8th. Liz Marczak gave the keynote address on the benefits of fair trade in lifting women and artisans out of poverty. An informative panel of local presenters was moderated by Nancy Irizarry-Beachy.  The Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes was a sponsoring organization and hosted a table with information about LCWR 9’s Human Trafficking Toolkit for parishes.   

Sophia Foundaiton Honors CSA with 2016 Caring Community Award.

VIDEO The Sophia Foundation honored the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Agnes, with its 2016 Caring Community Award at on Wednesday, October 5.

“We are honored to recognize the Sisters of St. Agnes for their more than 100-year commitment to health care, education and demonstrated service that has contributed to the overall well-being of not only the Fond du Lac community, but many other communities in the U.S. and abroad,” said Christa Williams, executive director of the Sophia Foundation.

Sophia’s Caring Community Award recognizes an individual, organization or community initiative for efforts made to engage the community, ignites its potential through servant leadership and in the process, creates a more caring community.


CSA at the 22nd Annual Communicators for Women Religious in Indianapolis.

Sister Jomarie Zielke, CSA Vicar, and Valerie Graczyk, CSA Director of Communications attended the 22nd Annual Communicators for Women National Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. The theme was 'Turbo-Charge Your Communications.'

Sister Dianne at the Sisters of St. Franice of the Holy Cross in Green Bay.

In a reflection day on Care for Earth, held September 26th at the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross in Green Bay, Sister Dianne Bergant, CSA interrelated Sacred Scripture and major themes from Laudato Si’.  First, humanity is not at the peak of creation but instead is within the web of life. Accepting this truth counters anthropocentrism and domination systems. Second, as part of God’s creation humans are interdependent within the web of all life.  Finally, with Job, humans are called to silent wonder at God’s marvelous handiwork, and our utter dependence on God. At the end of the day Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross and their associates received a ballot to vote on a corporate stance on Care for Earth.  The photos show Sister Dianne with the audience, members of the planning committee standing by the mosaic for Mother Earth, and the solar installation at the Motherhouse.  

Maxine Geiger, Linda Negratti, Janie Peck and Judy Pellerin-Goll at First Commitment.

Last September 18, four candidates made their First Commitment to the Associate Relationship amidst sisters and associates inside the chapel of the motherhouse.

CSA Sisters at the International Border: Ambos Nacos

Mass on the Border/Misa en la Frontera - September 25, 2016, International Border: Ambos Nacos

Sisters Kathy, Christi Ann, Marilyn, Mary Rose and Susan attended the celebration of the year of mercy with the people of Naco/ Naco Sonora and many others from communities in Arizona and Mexico. The celebration reflected the message of being called to pay attention to our call to be compassionate in a world divided by the wall on the Southern Border of the United States and Mexico. The wall is meant to divide us; the table unites us.  Bishops Jose Leopoldo Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Gerald F. Kicanas spoke of responding to Lazarus as we meet those whose human dignity is threatened.  

Dr. Darold A. Treffert of Fond du Lac

Agnesian's institute is global center for savant syndrome research by Margaret Gillerman

When Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman was being made in the late 1980s, the movie script was sent to a doctor who's recognized by many as the world's foremost expert on savant syndrome related to autism. Read more.

Racial Justice Tipping Point trainer Z! Haukeness

Concerned citizens of Fond du Lac and the surrounding areas came for a a fast-paced and energizing training on racial justice last September 17. The WI Network for Peace and Justice's Racial Justice Tipping Point Team presented on the realities of racism in Wisconsin and ways to address sterotyping and prejudice at the personal and institutional levels.

Major sponsors included the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, CSA Sponsorship Ministry, Marian University's Social Justice Committee, Agnesian HealthCare and Fond du Lac Morning Rotary. Partners in Fond du Lac: The Humanity Project, OCUUF- Earth Justice Now, Ebony Vision, United for Diversity, Holy Family Catholic Community, Bread of Life Church and Moraine Park Technical College. From PaceeBene    VIDEO   

Sisters Sally Ann Brickner, OSf, Clare and Julie Ann at "Your Vote is Your Voice!" presentation.

Last September 8, Sister Sally Ann Brickner, OSf, CSA Justice Coordinator, gave a presentation, "Your Vote is Your Voice!", along with Sisters Clare and Julie Ann at the motherhouse to sisters and associates. Sisters Clare and Julie Ann participated with Nuns on the Bus tour.

Peace on Earth banner

Care of Earth Mass was celebrated at the motherhouse on September 1 attended by the Sisters of St. Agnes and the Associates.

anti-human trafficking signs on Milwaukee buses

Public buses plying the Milwaukee routes carry anti-human trafficking signs which are part of the LCWR 9 anti-human trafficking ad campaign in Wisconsin cities.

A New Heaven, A New Earth, The Bible and Catholicity by Dianne Bergant, CSA

A New Heaven, A New Earth, The Bible and Catholicity is a new book in paperback written by Dianne Bergant, CSA, a Carroll Stuhlmueller, C.P., Distinguished Professor Emerita of Old Testament Studies from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, Illinois.

Conversations With the Elders: Personal Stories of Soviet Labor Camp Survivors

Now available in print ~
Conversations with the Elders: Personal Stories of Soviet Labor Camp Survivors by Sisters Alice Ann Pfeifer, CSA, and Mary Elise Leiker, CSA

These are stories as told to the authors by the people who lived them. Proceeds from sales will be shared by the Sisters of St. Agnes and the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia. 

Sister Alice Ann can give a talk to any local (Fond du Lac) group who want to hear the 25-minute talk she recently gave in Kansas about some of the people in this book.

To place your order, go to American Historical Society of Germans From Russia International.


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