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January 22, 2023
By Sister Mary Lou Schroeder, CSA

My mind chatters
    like a squirrel in an elm.

My silly heart follows,
     wishing not to take the helm.

But nature has a message
      if I but quiet down:

"Do I hustle?" asks the oak--
     " I am sentinel to the sky."

"Am I rushing?" asks the lake--
      "I reflect as time goes by."

All of creation 
       joins in the song:

       that you, too, may BE-long.

Michael says:
March 25, 2023 06:36 PM CST
Sister, your poem SILENCIO is lovely. As a songwriter, the last lines do sing to my heart. Although, I must admit, sitting and resting is a challenge for me-:)
Thank you!
Michael Brandmeier
"All of creation
joins in the song:


PS) My mother, Hanky Brandmeier, worked for the CSA at St. Agnes for years, and volunteered at ST. Francis and at Hospice Home of Hope too. I hope all is well. Thanks again, MB
that you, too, may BE-long."

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