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Falling Inside

September 10, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Lately I feel like there is within me

This deep hole of sadness and pain

And now I am falling inside myself

While the world explodes into a million

Sun stars.

Still, I desperately cling to the hope

That somehow I will come out on

The other side of Peace and Joy.

Somewhere in a renewed world of Being

But it is so hard to smile when you are

Tumbling through aching emptiness

And it is so hard to remember gently

When your world is an exploding star.


Out of Ideas

August 27, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Out of ideas and words to speak

Out of everything —reached the peak

Nothing to say, nothing to do.

Blank and empty, nothing is new.


Out of the ordinary, out of the plain

Into the extraordinary,  only what’s main

Something so special, exquisite and pure

Something that’s lasting meant to endure.


Clown Time

August 13, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Stop  - you can see

The Clown in me is laughing, playing, free

It is Time

Now- Now- Now

All the wonder of a child’s smile


Laughter caught in this moment

Take time and see

There is a clown in me

And yes I am the clown

Don’t you know

I am the clown

But for the sake of the Serious

I put on this common face

Waiting again for the days
I am myself

The Clown

It is Clown Time


Dreaming my Tomorrows

July 23, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Long ago I learned I do not fit the mold, but that is okay.

I can color outside the lines of expectation

And create a paper airplane while others

So solemnly write their patterned lines.

Long ago I learned but somehow

I always stand up to say maybe

Maybe you will need a kite this time

Rather than a notebook.

All is well I am not abandoning my place

Only living it on a different plain .

Maybe one day I will find a whole other way

To be where flowers are more important

And life is deeper

And interconnectedness of relationships are inspirited

Windblown laughter carries me somewhere

There are no molds, no expectations

Other than  love

So I unlearn

Dreaming my tomorrows.



July 09, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

Some say he was a dreamer.

Ah, but so much more.

It has been told that in the silence of his dreams,

He heard the whisper of the Divine.

And in that whisper, heart touched,

He believed.

He the soul deep listener of dreams,

Beckoned to journey-

Through all doubts

Beyond deepest pain

Forever to new horizons.

He held to the mystery unreservedly.

Embracing the unknown tomorrows.

And in his letting go, he did not walk alone.

Her fiat yes, entwined with his.

Offering all to Love.

Cradling the Divine.


Woman Dance

June 25, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

On winded wing

Carried by the gentle fire of Love

I dance my heart in praise

I am woman

Little one raised on high

I dance on the evensong with a rainbow road

becoming me through the canyons of darkness

Soft the night this dance

A blessing not of words but gathered Presence

Gently now I lift my Spirit song in body praise

And gather in this praise of this people

Dance in the darkness

Darkness is the same

As light

And I am one.



June 11, 2023
By Sister Lael Niblick, CSA

This man, listening in silence to whispering dreams divine

Believed and followed unreservedly

His transformative journey

Beckoned through pain, beyond doubts

Entering not only familiar landscapes and foreign lands

But the very depths of his soul

With every new horizon,

Embracing each unknown tomorrow,

And in his letting go, he did not walk alone

His Fiat yes ever entwined  with hers.

With caring heart he loved

And with contemplative heart

He would gaze upon the face of God

Cradling Mystery

An earthly father to the Son of God.

A carpenter by trade, bound to the earth,

 His hands shaping the wood

His life mirroring fatherhood, a reflection of Abba.

A man of the Torah—Love your neighbor

Daily in prayer-You shall love the Lord with all your heart

 and all your mind and with all your soul

Such a deep compassionate heart arising in those

Recognizing the Cosmic interconnection of

 the universe, one another, and the Divine.

Not a word of his recorded in Scripture

Yet given the deepest of accolades

Joseph a just man---a man of justice

Living righteously in justice revealed his courageous heart.


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Light of Love

May 28, 2023
By Sister Jean Salchert, CSA

In this world of chaos

In this darkness of night

A beam of light appears

Are we aware of the light

A lone star in the darkened sky

Light that leads us

Light that gives us hope

Our hearts resonate the joy

Our hearts open to love

The world in darkness has seen a bright light

The world in chaos has stopped to reflect

Only one thing remains

To live love so that all may live


written for Christmas 2022


May 14, 2023
By Sister Mary Lou Schroeder, CSA

The magic of fire
   entrances my soul.
Flame tongues chant the challenge:
   Do what I do!
Make ash of dreams and life
   now spent.
Make light of hopes and vision
   to come.
Be ember, divine.

In Just-spring

April 23, 2023
By Sister Patricia Hayes, CSA

In Just-spring, when the world is mud-luscious…puddle-wonderful…”  These words from a poem by e.e.cummings conjure up the promise of glee, forbidden pleasures and child-like abandon.  They invite consideration of other “in Just-spring” occurrences!

In Just – spring,
          the sky line is brushed a soft green;
                  buds well toward leafing,
                           fern fingerlings unfold along the shoulders of streams.

In Just – spring,
         yellow crocuses poke their heads through mounds of dead leaves;
                  orange crocuses ambush with a smiling “surprise”!

In Just – spring,
         birds sing Lauds,
                  proclaim Benedictus,
                           visit nature’s “home depot” and begin nest building.

In Just – spring,
         Jesus rises from the dead resurrecting hope,
                  invades locked rooms,
                           beckons the fearful forward.

In Just – spring,
         fallible followers become disciples,
                  speak in tongues,
                           create communities of “one heart and one mind.”

In Just – spring,
         prison doors mysteriously open,
                  the suffering rejoice in their trials,
                           murderers are pardoned.

In Just – spring,
         missionary journeys begin,
                  everywhere is home,
                           no one is excluded.

In Just – spring,          
         our “Easter” calling is renewed,
                  joyful witnessing is eager,
                           discovery and revelation of the Risen Christ is abundant.

In Just – spring…
         Spring into us, Just One, that you be resurrected over and over
                  in us and in our world.

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