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How a Poem is Born

July 11, 2021
By Sister Miriam Therese Putzer, CSA

Like any other? NO!⠀
Tonight the “ordinary” sky⠀
Spilled pink and gold and purple!⠀
Stretched them out⠀
From east to west⠀
And then⠀
Before I went to rest⠀
See? ⠀
Was different!

No One Notices

June 27, 2021
By Sister Patricia Hayes, CSA

No one notices the fear that is dogging my steps.⠀
They are unaware the spit in my mouth ⠀
is drying up and ⠀
my heart is racing.⠀
I want to fly apart and scream⠀
“I’m terrified” but can’t’, won’t.⠀

I set my face like flint--that’s what terror does⠀
I’m dying yet my death is days away.⠀


June 13, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Bouquet of 16 lovely spring flowers-⠀
the Jonquil.⠀

White – Baptismal white-pure and innocent. Awesome.⠀

Pink Centered – symbol of First Communion, full curiosity, reaching out to new experiences, new graces, new life.⠀

Confirmation – Jonquil with central meteor splash of yellow and orange – a Pentecost display with great possibilities for the future.⠀

There is the Crown Jewel Yellow Mother Jonquil the prime growth of spring. She will always be there. Even after all the other jonquils are faded and returned to the source, the mother jonquil, “I will be there.”

Mary's Song

May 23, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

As John Baptist quickened in the waiting Elizabeth,⠀
Mary broke forth in song, “God be glorified.”⠀

When Mary was jostled on donkey to Bethlehem,⠀
“Come Emanuel-God with us,” was Mary’s anthem.⠀

On showing forth her son to shepherds and kings,⠀
“Behold the Royal son of David,” she sings.⠀

In temple, Mary met Simeon and Anna⠀
She sang, “To the Lord our God, Hosanna.”⠀

When on the cross, Jesus dead and cold – ⠀
Mary mourned, “Behold, behold.”⠀

At Pentecost, when new church was to be born,⠀
Mary sang, “Breath of God breathe forth this morn.”⠀

Mary’s mantra was, “Breath of God, breathe forth and bring⠀
your grace to all, to all.” She sings…⠀

“My children, magnify the Lord –⠀
Love, forgiveness, grace outpoured.⠀
Poured out by the Spirit⠀
Now hear it, my beloved, hear it.⠀

And Magnify the Lord!”⠀

Marble Mary

May 09, 2021
By Sister Miriam Therese Putzer, CSA

Woman carved from timeless marble⠀
see how art would give a permanence⠀
to what eludes us most…⠀

--that He who is ETERNITY⠀
once paused in time⠀

_that He who is INFINITY⠀
once moved in flesh⠀

--and He who is OMNIPOTENCE⠀
once played upon your⠀
and was cradled and adored!


April 25, 2021
By Sister Miriam Therese Putzer, CSA

Morning, I have a question⠀
You creep up on us so gently--⠀
little by little.⠀
First a streak of dawn,⠀
then a tiny bird’s song⠀
then perhaps a kitten stretching everything she’s got from head to tail.⠀

You’re never pushy, never harsh—⠀
just a nudge to greet the miracle of TODAY and I—disappear beneath my quilt groan and say, ⠀

while every singing bird and opening flower asks:⠀
“What’s wrong with her?”


April 04, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

And on the timeless Third Day,⠀
God brought forth vegetation.⠀
God brought forth trees.⠀

Eons later in a garden, ⠀
God’s Imaged Creatures⠀
knew death through a tree.⠀
Yet, in spite of their dearth, ⠀
Life was to be Incarnated.⠀

God did not create Mercy.⠀
It was there all the time.⠀

When God created trees,⠀
did their deep down purpose⠀
flash through the Infinite Mind?⠀

Through the life of Jesse,⠀
the tree grew and leafed⠀
with generations⠀
of Kings and Paupers⠀
saints and sinners.⠀

From this tree came the Incarnate⠀
A Tree of Nazareth,⠀
nurtured, yet cut down in its prime.⠀
But with promise of New Life.⠀

God did not create Love⠀
It was there all the time.⠀

Tree- instrument of death⠀
yet, instrument of Life.⠀
Paradox of Mystery.⠀
O Holy Mystery!⠀

“We adore you, O Christ⠀
and we bless you.⠀
Because by Your Holy Cross⠀
You have redeemed the World.”⠀

At Baptism we are signed with⠀
the Sign of the Tree.⠀

On Ash Wednesday,⠀
we are signed⠀
unto dust,⠀
yet unto life.⠀

On Good Friday,⠀
the Sign on the tree ⠀
is lifted up.⠀

We embrace the wood,⠀
the branches.⠀
And on the Third Day,⠀
the once dead wood,⠀
emblazoned with Divine Blood,⠀
sprouts leaves and Blessed Fruit.⠀


April 02, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Tradition tells us about a woman named Veronica,⠀
who came out of the wall of fear on that Good Friday⠀
to wipe the face of Jesus along the Via Dolorosa.⠀
Veronica wore a veil,⠀
indicating that she was a married woman⠀
who knew love, compassion and responsibility.⠀

Breaking through the laws of the time,⠀
she removed her veil.⠀
She broke through the wall of soldiers and religious leaders⠀
on that foreboding Friday⠀
and approached the Holy One,⠀
the Friend without a friend,⠀
the Alone One in a crowd of evil.⠀

In a burst loving compassion, for the Other,⠀
she wiped away the blood from His face,⠀
allowing His eyes to say,⠀
“Thank you” to the woman⠀
with her kind presence and balm⠀
in His aloneness.⠀
Veronica doesn’t ignore the problem but addresses it.⠀


She does not resolve the problem,⠀
But gives it all she has,⠀
a band-aide-veil.⠀
That is enough for the Prisoner.⠀

Society and legislation is contradicted.⠀
The power structure is opposed.⠀
She brings vigor to women down the ages,⠀
names injustice before the Magistrates.⠀
She brings presence⠀
and disappears.⠀

…yet leaves a spark of courage⠀
for those Veronicas who will follow⠀
seeking peace, justice and consolation⠀
to the Jesus of our day.⠀

The image on her veil⠀
models the image in her soul.⠀
True Image,⠀
help us follow your example.

Journey to the Good Friday Tomb

March 28, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

I follow the small group⠀
With the shrouded Nazarene.⠀
Spices and ointment tantalize the nostrils.⠀
Darkness envelopes all, totally.⠀

I find a corner subdued and quiet.⠀
Away from busyness, wailing, and concern.⠀
Just be, in the quiet presence of the deceased.⠀

the stone is rolled across the opening.⠀
Darkness of night can’t compare to the⠀
darkness of the tomb, surrounding all.⠀
No movement except for a stray mouse or ant.⠀
No concern.⠀
I kneel at the Teachers side.⠀

the full moon allows a small beam of light⠀
to creep through the stony slab’s uneven edges.⠀
My eyes are growing accustomed to the blackness.⠀
I sit and wait- not knowing for what.⠀
There is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.⠀
There is no fear, no anxiety, or expectation.⠀
-just being.⠀
Fatigue conquers. Sleep is victorious.⠀
Time passes-⠀
Morning is inevitable.⠀

I awake refreshed and confused.⠀
Sunlight is dancing through the large opening.⠀
Shroud is discarded⠀
The Teacher gone.⠀
Where is the One who healed me of-⠀
my leprosy?⠀
Where is He who forgave my sins?⠀
Where is He who gave me new Life?⠀

Peace surrounds the tomb.⠀
An inner voice says:⠀
All is well.⠀
I am within you.⠀
See Me in others.⠀
See Me day in and day out-⠀
Be at peace, I am here.⠀

The Paralytic

March 14, 2021
By Sister Patricia Hayes, CSA

That’s it. It’s over.⠀
Forgiveness is nice but it doesn’t awaken muscles!⠀
I had hoped….⠀

The theological debate rages above me and ⠀
they don’t notice my spirit withering, my dream atrophying.⠀

Then breaking into my despair⠀
I hear “Rise…take up your mat….go.”⠀

Without a second thought⠀
I stand and run.⠀
When the reality of what’s happening slams into me⠀
I fall to my knees and weep.

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