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Autumn Pondering

August 22, 2021
By Sister Mary Christopher Esler, CSA

Mid August cuddled in late summer warmth-

Blue birds, flitting from trunk to tree trunk-

Gold finch, scalping the air waves-

Hummingbirds, zooming in zig-zag pattern-

Lonely Monarch, searching for the last nectar,

knowing no goal for tomorrow-

Nuthatch, house cleaning at base of oak-

Crickets, play their violins in the background-

Smell of acorn and fallen hickory nuts.

No bird song as in Spring.

Only hushed communication of its kind.

Nature, are you also mourning

The close of a season?

Are you saying “Good bye” until another year?

Birds, butterflies, insects bid your paradise adieu.

I look for you come Spring.

God speed!

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