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Theological reflection is a way of finding God's presence in all the events of life. It puts our experience into a conversation with our religious heritage. This conversation is a genuine dialogue that seeks to hear from our own beliefs, actions, and perspectives, as well as those of the tradition. The integrity of both is respected.


The outcomes of theological reflections are
                     new meaning for living, and a
                            commitment to act in the light of the reflections.


The following may serve as a guide for the process of theological reflection:

  1. What is my personal experience regarding the topic of my reflection?
  2. How is God present in this experience? Does it bring to mind any scripture passages?
  3. How do my personal experience and our religious tradition come together for me? (This step combines #1 and #2 of the process above.) 
  4. What are my learnings? Am I called to take concrete action? What? When>?



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