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        Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Blessed Spirit of Wisdom, help us to seek You as the center of our lives so that we
may live in love and harmony with You and with all people.

Blessed Spirit of Understanding, enlighten our minds so that we may know and
love others, especially those of different cultures, beliefs, and economic

Blessed Spirit of Counsel, guide us in all our ways so that we may be open to Your
holy will and follow You in our decisions.

Blessed Spirit of Fortitude, strengthen our souls in every time of trouble or
adversity. Make us confident and courageous in promoting justice and peace.

Blessed Spirit of Knowledge, help us to know good from evil. Give us clear vision
and a global perspective. Teach us to do what is right in Your sight

Blessed Spirit of Piety, possess our hearts. Incline them to a closer relationship
with You so that, with our whole person, we may see You, our deepest joy.

Blessed Spirit of Holy Fear, give us a sense of awe and reverence so that we may
be mindful of Your presence and of your divine image in every person.

                                       Come to us, Holy Spirit of Jesus. Give us your holy gifts.


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