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Prayer for May 31

May 31, 2020
By Sisters of St. Agnes

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Psalm 92

It is good to give thanks to You,

O Beloved to sing

praises to your Hoy Name.

To affirm your gracious Love

in the morning,

and your faithfulness through

the night,

To the music of the spheres,

to the melody of the universe!

For you, Heart of my heart, gladden

my soul,

as I proclaim with joy the harmony

and beauty of creation.

How wondrous is your Divine Plan,

O Beloved,

Your design brought forth by Love!


Source: Psalms for Praying by Nan Merrill


Prayer Request
  • Requesting prayers for the following intention/s.

The Sisters of St. Agnes have always practiced the directive in their Constitutions which states, "we remember in our prayers the needs of the universal church and all peoples, living and dead."

The daily ministry of our retired sisters includes offering prayer and suffering for the intentions of others and they invite viewers to submit their petitions.

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