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Covid-19 has surely connected us in ways we never experienced before! The days extended into weeks and even months as we have taken seriously the call to “Stay Safe at Home”. Together we have tried to do all we could to ensure the safety of all our sisters as well as with the communities and places where we live and minister. We are aware of the many ways all of us have had to adjust to a new way of living community, sharing prayer, and ministering to one another and to those you serve. Through it all we are becoming more globally conscious as we recognize in new ways the interconnectedness of the world and all creation.

Although deprived of sharing Eucharist at Mass, there was comfort in joining the community in the suggested prayer each day at 6 p.m. for an end to the coronavirus. Together we prayed for all those affected by the pandemic and for those who continue to risk their lives in care of the most vulnerable among us. We continue to pray for those working for a way to end this world-wide “enemy” by developing a vaccine to prevent further spread of the virus.

We are grateful for the thoughtful and inspirational sharing of so many sisters by emails, blogs, and other means of connecting with one another. We have also been delighted by the humor shared – often easing our fears and concerns. Laughter has been heard around the community (and the world) despite the seriousness of this unforgettable global event. At this point we will no longer continue the formal sharing of our experiences of the quarantine through general email to all. However, we encourage you to connect individually with one another, as you wish.

At the same time, while we continue to pray for an end to the coronavirus, the common prayer suggestions we have been posting will also be discontinued at the end of this week. Beginning on Memorial Day, we will post a suggested Thanksgiving Prayer for one week of communal thanks for all the ways God has provided for us during these last months of confinement. You may choose to add your own prayers of thanksgiving during this week’s common prayer.

Thank you for the fidelity to what has been asked of all of us as we live through this unpredictable and unknown future.


Prayer for May 20

May 20, 2020
By Sisters of St. Agnes

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Prayer for a Pandemic

by Sister Joan Chittister,OSB

God of light
and God of mystery,
give us the faith to see you
in the grey dimness
of this time.

Give us the heart to hear,
in the silence of the sick,
the call to care for those
in pain.

Give us the courage
to find you
where you do not now
appear to be.

Give us the trust it takes
to make our way
through this uncertainty,
this fear,
this seemingly irredeemable sense of limitless loss
to the recognition
of the relentless hope
that each seasonal cycle
of life
confirms in us.

You who made all things
for our good and our growth
show us, too, now
the power of darkness
so that we might see newly—
beyond the ephemeral—
to what are really
the gloriously important things
in life.





Prayer Request
  • Requesting prayers for the following intention/s.

The Sisters of St. Agnes have always practiced the directive in their Constitutions which states, "we remember in our prayers the needs of the universal church and all peoples, living and dead."

The daily ministry of our retired sisters includes offering prayer and suffering for the intentions of others and they invite viewers to submit their petitions.

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