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What is a Labyrinth?

A Labyrinth is an ancient prayer practice involving a winding path that leads ultimately to a center and then winds back out to the point where it began. It is not a difficult walk; there are no dead ends in the maze. The path is symbolic of the journey inward toward God's illumination and then outward, grounded in God and empowered to act in the world. 

Ways to pray a labyrinth:

  • You may ask God a life question and listen for God's response as you make your way around the labyrinth.
  • You may repeat a phrase (i.e. Lord Jesus, Son of the living God have mercy on me) as you make your way.
  • You may simply rest in the awareness of God's presence as you walk.
  • You may use the guide below to help set your intention and direct your thoughts


A Guide for Labyrinth Prayer

As we begin, invite God to be present. Consider quietly breathing a mantra, question, or word.

Pause at the opening of the labyrinth; invite God to walk with you and to help you through the stages of prayer.

As you follow the winding path leading to the center, allow yourself time to release all that is within you, that distracts you from God. Empty yourself and let go of a need to control your life. Practice this purgation all the way to the center.

The Center is a place to stop and be fully present to the moment in God. Rest here in prayer and meditation for as long as you desire. You may use silence or worded prayers.

Unite your experience with in the labyrinth with your world as you follow the winding path away from the center. Allow yourself time to integrate any insight you received in prayer. Have an attitude of gratitude as you follow this path.

At the end of the labyrinth, you begin in the place your journey began. Pause here. Thank God for being with you, both in this prayer and in the journey that it symbolizes.


Visiting the Labyrinth

The labyrinth is open to the public during special contemplative prayer days. If you would like to access it other days, please stop in at the front desk to get permission before making your way to the site.


Invitation Only