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With Gratitude

April 11, 2019
By Sister Patricia Hayes

It is Thursday and this 6th and final Posting is from my room at the Leo House in New York City. It is good to be home; to revel in the noise of the fire trucks, ambulances, street conversations and all the energy and diversity of the Big Apple. Worlds away from El Paso.

I am grateful for so many individuals and things:

  • for our CSA leadership which approved and supported my volunteer commitment in El Paso.
  • for my local community at the Leo House which “picked up the slack” during my absence.
  • for all of you who as individuals, as local communities and families sent Chapstick, socks, undies and shoelaces for use by the guests.
  • for the support given via texts, cards, phone calls and especially prayer.

What was before a rarity, a US postal service truck, became commonplace. He would arrive with more than 1 box on a regular basis. So, to quote William Shakespeare, “I can no other answer make, but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks!”

It is also true that while I, Pat, was physically present in El Paso, “We, the Sisters of Saint Agnes” were present.

When I named my religious community and described our history and charism, “We, the Sisters of Saint Agnes” were present.

When I introduced myself to a guest as Hermana Patricia, “We, the Sisters of Saint Agnes, were present.

The “we-ness” of our communal life was very present to me over the last 4 weeks. Perhaps it was the sharing on this “we” question which we have been engaged in over the last few months which sensitized me. Or perhaps it was grace allowing me to recognize the “great cloud of witnesses” both past and present which captured my imagination.

Whatever sparked this insight I pray I was a “joyful witness” who welcomed “all who come to us with genuine hospitality.” I am so, so grateful to be a member of “We, the Sisters of Saint Agnes.”



CSA Sisters says:
April 12, 2019 04:34 PM CST
Thank you, Pat, for being "we" CSA there where Jesus is disguised as an immigrant. Abundant blessings upon you. Rene

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