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Tết 2021 - Celebrating Vietnamese Lunar New Year at the Motherhouse

February 12, 2021
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

Sisters with Tree

Today is Lunar New Year and visiting Vietnamese sisters, Mary Gam Thi Phan, OP, (left) from the Dominican Congregation of Bac Ninh and Sister Tuyen Phung (right) from the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Hung Hoa, have brought the Vietnamese traditions associated with "Têt" to the motherhouse. 

Sisters with Tree"For Catholic people in Vietnam, the first three days of Lunar New Year, known as Têt in Vietnam, are day of prayer with special intentions.

The first day, Mass intentions are for peace for the world.

The second day, Mass intentions are for ancestors, grandparents, and parents who are deceased or still alive.

The third day, Mass intentions are for the sanctification of work for the whole year.

The first day also includes "picking God's Word" after Mass. Every household assigns a person who represents the family to visit a decorated tree and pick one folded sheet or envelope which contains a passage of God's word. The sheet is hung on the house and everyone sees the passage as God's word guiding how they will live for the whole year. "


In anticipation of the holiday, Sisters Mary Gam and Tuyen hand-decorated a small tree with silk flower blossoms and envelopes for each sister to choose. American sisters in the motherhouse are excited to participate and learn more about the culture of their visiting roommates.

Sisters with Tree







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