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The Motherhouse Welcomes New Residents

December 18, 2020
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

With the closing of Holy Family College in Manitowoc this spring, the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes received a request from two Vietnamese sisters who had been attending Holy Family regarding continuing their education at Marian University. 

Sister Mary Gam Thi Phan, OP, (left) from the Dominican Congregation of Bac Ninh and Sister Tuyen Phung (right) from the Lovers of the Holy Cross of Hung Hoa have transferred to Marian University to complete their bachelor’s degrees and CSA has welcomed the sisters into the community life of the Motherhouse. 

“Since I moved to Fond du Lac, I have found many things that please me,” said Sister Tuyen. “Most importantly, the sisters are very caring and friendly. I have been asked by every sister I have met, about my studying and whether everything goes well for me. That always brings me the feeling of living community like I have lived in my own community. I also enjoy the quiet, natural beauty, fresh air, and peace I experience when I take frequent walks on the motherhouse grounds.”

Sister Mary Gam’s experience is similar: “Besides gathering knowledge at school, I am also learning many practical and spiritual life experiences from the sisters here. … Whenever I talk with the sisters, I feel in them a very deep and unique spiritual life. Each sister's way of practicing the spiritual life infuses me with a new and strong spiritual vitality. I am grateful for the wonderful grace God has given me through the hands of the Sisters of St. Agnes.”

Both visiting sisters will graduate within the next 18 months and intend to return home to put their expertise to work. Sister Tuyen said, “I hope to share what I have learned with the sisters in my community to help them in their ministries, especially with youth. Also, I hope to work in my convent’s kindergarten, with children who need to develop skills for emotional and psychological growth.”

“My dream is to become proficient as a psychologist,” said Sister Mary Gam. “Since my vocation is to serve people from different backgrounds, religions, ages, genders, and social classes, I desire to gain knowledge of psychology to better serve others with respect, understanding, and empathy.”

CSA is grateful for this opportunity to share hospitality with the visiting sisters and the sisters look forward to long-lasting friendships.


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