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Experience the stories of sisters at work. 


Each page tells the tales of sisters living the charism, working for systemic change for the quality of life, advocating for justice for the economically poor, promoting the furtherance of the role of women in church and society, and ensuring mutuality, inclusivity and collaboration.

Where The Sisters Have Volunteered

Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona, Inc.
140 W. Speedway, Suite 230
Tucson, AZ     85705

Annunciation House
3801 Mattox Street
El Paso, TX     79925

Catholic Charities of Rio Grande Valley
110 South 15th Street
McAllen, TX    78501

Donation Ideas

Tote bags/re-useable shopping bags: Each adult receives one for clothing, care packages, and toiletries as they travel to sponsors
Travel-suitable food: Asylum seekers arrive destitute and still have to travel long distances to their sponsors. Care packages include bottle water, juice boxes, granola, cereal bars, nutritious snacks, fruit, nuts, and other healthy food that doesn’t spoil easily.
Toiletries: Travel sized bottle of shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, bar soap, combs, toothbrushes, feminine pads, disposable shavers, lip balm, tissue, chapstick. Plastic zip bags in quart and gallon sizes make these easier to transport.
Undergarments: ABSOLUTELY MUST BE NEW. Children, teen, adult, male, and female underwear in small sizes. Disposable diapers in all sizes.
Clothing: Ready-to-wear. Children, teen, adult, male, and female underwear in small sizes. Be aware of seasonal, non-violent images, and modesty. Socks and shoelaces.
Meal Supplies: Paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic utensils, powdered iced tea and lemonade mixes, milk, juice, fresh fruit
Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies: Bathroom tissue, bleach, pine cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap.
Toys: Durable, non-violent for individuals and playrooms. Small (4-12") stuffed animals to give the children as they depart from the center.
Funding: Monetary support allows agencies to respond to any needs in the moment and fill in the gaps when in-kind donations don’t suffice.

Volunteering Ideas

At the Center: Contact any Catholic Charities Respite Centers to find out more about volunteering. You will be responsible for your own housing, transportation, and meals. Scheduling and length of stay are flexible. Ability to speak Spanish is helpful, but not required.
Help Asylum Seeker Sponsors: Contact your local Refugee Resettlement Office ( to find out how you can donate to those hosting families to help cover costs for train tickets to immigration hearings, legal fees, or even just groceries.

Advocacy Ideas

Call, Email, or Write to your Representatives: You can use this tool to look up your local, county, state, and/or federal representatives:

  • Identify your name, your hometown/zip code and, if applicable, say that you’re a member of a group, naming the group. If you have a title, use it.
  • Identify the bill or issue that you are calling about
  • State your position and how you want your member of Congress to act.
  • Mention a brief personal reason or story why you support or oppose the bill.
  • Express gratitude for your elected official’s work.


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