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Day 1: Self-discovery Awaits

October 28, 2019
By Carol Braun, CSA Associate
Group of CSA Associates

This blog post is part of a series reflecting the experience of six CSA associates as they visit the sisters in Bisbee and Tuscon. The views expressed here are their own personal reflections on the time spent near the border and with the sisters; they are not necessarily endorsed by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes.

Our first day of pilgrimage was a travel day. We flew into Tucson and drove our van over the rugged mountainous desert terrain observing the stark difference in landscape from the bright fall colors of Wisconsin. The pilgrims were travel weary but invigorated by the hospitality and welcome of the sisters and associates as we arrived in Bisbee. We shared a meal, stories, and conversation settling into our new home for a few days. We bonded through our shared experience, laughter, and our first evening of reflection and prayer. We are open to new discoveries about ourselves as we enter the new spaces and encounters that tomorrow brings.

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