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Research on Family Homelessness Reported to UN

September 11, 2020
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

In 2018 UNANIMA International, in collaboration with Sophia Housing, launched a research project on Family Homelessness and Trauma:

"Family homelessness is a global epidemic that has resulted from shortages of affordable housing, increasing migration and socioeconomic crises across countries. It exposes children and parents to a high risk of traumatic issues. The research produced by NYU students examines the evolution of global family homelessness through evaluating the causes and experiences of family homelessness in three countries: Greece, the U.S. and India, and provides possible advocacy responses for UNANIMA International, and all those advocating for families experiencing homelessness."

In August of 2020, UNANIMA submitted the final research update and recommendations to the UN.

Read the August 2020 Research Update

Read the Executive Summary of the Capstone Project (2019)

Read the Introductory Research Document (2018)

UNANIMA, a Non-governmental organization (NGO) at the United Nations which CSA helped found in 2002. UNANIMA is an international coalition of 22 congregations of women religious and friends as well as their mission partners. Sister Susan Seeby serves as the CSA liaison to UNANIMA.

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