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Prayer Request from Tucson

June 10, 2019
By Sister Eileen Mahony, CSA

Today I request your prayers. Our monastery respite center for asylum-seeking refugees is wearing out. We need someone to generously donate a new site. A possibility is under consideration.

For months up to 500 guests have been housed daily in the monastery which at one time housed 40 Sisters. The plumbing system has totally worn out. Electricity has been intermittent. As of this weekend, port-a-showers and port-a-potties have been added. Up to 200 guests continue to arrive daily and are assisted with journeys to their families in 48-72 hours. With the 100 degree Tucson weather, few parents sit outside under the tress to watch their children play. Many sit on the floor in the corridors or on the few folding chairs or stairs. Because of longer and more difficult detentions at the border, more arrive with greater stress, dehydration and illness. Needless to say, the stress level of guests and volunteers is increasing while at the same times smiles and words of appreciation are shared repeatedly.

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