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Pray for Nicaragua

March 05, 2021
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

This article appears in the February Issue of Reflections and Connections

NicaraguaIn November of 2020, the people of Central America became tragically acquainted with the Greek alphabet as Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit the eastern coasts of Nicaragua and Honduras within 2 weeks of each other. The hurricanes caused flooding, mudslides, and loss of homes, crops and livelihood. Photos from the city of Puerto Cabezas suggest a crazed giant rampaged through the area plucking zinc off rooftops, snapping power lines, pulverizing cement structures, and slinging lumber that used to be homes. In the city of Rosita, the sisters experienced a “remodeling” of their home to devastating effect as a section of the roof was blown off. On the western side of the country, the sisters experienced damaging winds, rains, and flooding.


Now, nearly four months later, the country continues to move forward with clean up. The congregation has sent financial support to Catholic Relief Services to assist in the rebuilding throughout the country. Sisters in Rosita work with volunteers to help ensure the community has necessary provisions and the community has helped them with the needed roof repairs to their convent.


NicaraguaThe people of Nicaragua have a deep devotion to Mary the Mother of God, especially under her title “Immaculate Conception.” On behalf of the people who continue to recover from these two devastating hurricanes, let us ask for Mary’s intercession by praying the “Memorare.” It has been adapted slightly to reflect a more communal intercession.

Nicaragua“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, implored your help, or sought your intercession was left unaided.

NicaraguaInspired by this confidence we fly unto you, O Virgin of virgins, our Mother. To you we come, before you we stand, sinful, and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not our petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer us. Amen.”

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