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May 2023 Issue of Reflections & Connections

May 24, 2023
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

Cover of Reflections and Connections

The May 2023 issue of Reflections & Connections is now available online for your viewing.

This letter appears in the May Issue of Reflections and Connections

Dear Friends,

“The Spirit teaches us to go first to those places where community and creation are most obviously languishing, those melancholy places where the cry of the people and the cry of the earth are intermingled. [There] we meet Jesus, who goes before, in solidarity and healing” (Granberg-Michaelson, 1992). In this issue of Reflections & Connections we enter a few of those melancholy places that are also places of hope because Jesus is there.

Jules Renard once wrote, “On earth, there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” In this issue, we are sharing with you little glimpses of heaven amidst both sadness and joy; pain and healing; fear and hope.

  • We raise up a tragic journey to prison execution yet enveloped in the compassion of accompaniment.
  • Moved by Pope Francis’ recent rejection of the Doctrine of Discovery, we recognize both the ongoing results of unbridled colonization and treasure our indigenous brothers and sisters and all they offer through the wisdom of their cultures.
  • Our eyes open to the plight of refugees and immigrants and to the love and hope offered by those who reach out to them—a presence of Christ.
  • A native American proverb says, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Deeply committed to preserving Earth for future generations, CSA held a special event on Earth Day drawing together many who are trying to make a difference, saving not only Earth but the people, animals, and plants that inhabit her.
  • During an amazing breakfast gathering, Sister Dianne Bergant, CSA, energized the spirits of women both personally and professionally while presenting the inner dynamics present in human growth and relationships.

Finally, we present our recently deceased Sisters, each life a unique witness to Justice, Peace, and Love. As they are laid to rest in this our Earth home and their beings join the myriad Sisters of St. Agnes who have gone before, may their witness bless us with a little piece of heaven.


Sisters Sharon Pollnow, Peg Spindler, Madeline Gianforte, and Lael Niblick
CSA’s General Council, 2022-2026

L to R: Sisters Sharon Pollnow, General Superior; Lael Niblick, General Councilor; Madeline Gianforte, General Councilor; and Peg Spindler, General Vicar



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