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Legislative Prayer Partners

June 25, 2022
By CSA Sisters of St. Agnes

This article appears in the May Issue of Reflections and Connections

The Legislative Prayer Partners process is a concrete way to fulfill our mission to work for a more just and caring society. As a member of the LCWR Region 9 Legislative Network, CSA joins 194 participants from eight other Wisconsin religious congregations in committing to pray for Wisconsin legislators.

Here’s how it works: Volunteers are assigned a Wisconsin state legislator and commit to pray regularly for this person; each volunteer determines how to define “regularly.” Volunteers are not asked to lobby on behalf of issues, just to pray. The intent is to support the legislator with prayer that they make moral decisions for the common good. In 2022, CSA has 32 volunteers: 23 sisters and 9 associates. Last year, many volunteers from Wisconsin congregations received personal responses from legislators who appreciated the prayerful support. This simple program has the potential to move hearts and unite polarized politics.

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