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Day 5 - Language Lesson in US currency

January 18, 2019
By Patricia Weidman, CSA
Sister Norma

Sister Norma was seen on CBS This Morning during a news clip about refugee families at the border. All staff were busy when an Anglican priest and four church members from Oregon arrived for a tour. A staff person asked me to give a brief tour to the visitors. They want to set up a respite program in their area. Another 250 refugees, primarily from Honduras, arrived today at the shelter. I observed a volunteer instructing a small group of refugees in the use of currency by showing them bills and coins. When she was called away, I continued the language lesson with the vocabulary topics of family members, numbers, and the geographic sections of the United States. Adults and children are learning together. We four relaxed in the evening by attending a mariachi concert at the Basilica.

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